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Daily creativity - Dala MusesThe first blog post. Scary. Exciting. The start of a new chapter. My newest creative project, alongside with my new coaching business. Can you feel that I’m shaking a little bit?

About a year ago I felt like I suddenly “had” to put my creativity on the side, on a daily base, to organize our move from Belgium to Sweden properly. Thinking about how to hand over my previous business, preparing to sell our house, handling the paperwork to get accepted in the Swedish system. It was basically life getting in the way of being creative. That’s what I told myself at least for a while: that creativity just can’t come first, im-pos-si-ble. 

Slowly frustration and irritation started creeping into my days. I didn’t know where it came from at first, but it was quite simple. It was the absence of creative work that was hitting me hard. I took a U-turn and decided to put creativity high up on my priority list. I knew it was going to get hard, because … you know …. household chores, kids, walking the dog, paying bills …. life.

I see so many creative souls struggling with how to get creativity on the agenda on a regular base. I know the struggle. This blog is one of many ways to put my creativity first.  It’s a part of my weekly creative practices. Each day I take time to create. It started out as 15 minutes a few times per week, working in my art (business) journal. It’s a place where I write down my dreams and my goals for my business, add illustrations, quotes or pictures from magazines to visualize what I have written down.

Later on I added photography to my list of weekly creative practices.

Daily creativity - Dala Muses
And eventually I started drawing and doodling more. Sometimes I feel like it’s worth to share with other people, sometimes I feel more insecure, but through quantity and productivity I improve in quality. The same goes for my writing, painting furniture and decorating pursuits!

Daily creativity - Dala Muses
Have you considered trying to put creativity higher up the list by making it a fixed part of your day or week? One of my coaching clients told me that it’s like creating in the middle of things, and it basically is. As much as she loved to live on a ‘creativity’ island where there were no drudgeful tasks and she could devote her time 100% to creating (instead of cleaning her shop, doing taxes and cooking dinner), she understood that there was no such place. It was about finding a way to put creativity into her life, instead of finding a way out of that life ‘first’ to start creating ‘after’.

You could start small. Even if it’s 10 minutes per day. Make it into a bit of a routine.  I was reluctant at first because creativity and routine sounds like a bad marriage, but it was surprisingly helpful. My mood got so much better and achieving some creative goals seemed easier.

A helpful tool to stick to your daily creative moment is a visual of your creative space or your dream space if you don’t have a space finished yet. I’m renovating a room that will be my creative and office space, so I think of the finished room. This visual image is my compass and it does spark my creativity!

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  1. Sharon Hankins
    Sharon Hankins says:

    Great post Goedele. I just read the last couple paragraphs to my 13 year old daughter who loves to create, but sometimes gets caught up playing on her ipad. I said how we need to start making space in our day to be creative on purpose. I have always loved the idea of a journal, like you suggest. I might just start one.

    • Goedele
      Goedele says:

      Thank you Sharon, how wonderful that you read it to your daughter. Yes, start a journal, it’s a wonderful tool!

  2. Linda @ q is for quandie
    Linda @ q is for quandie says:

    That chair is adorable. Love the combination of the dark blue with the rush seat. As for making time for creativity, I jealously guard my ‘creating time’. I can’t quite fit it into every day, but I definitely try to get creative at least weekly.

  3. Fenne
    Fenne says:

    Most of my time goes to creating and/or editing (to me that’s still some kind of creating) but of course some days that too is hard work or frustration. But I like the struggle 😊


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