The flow of painting furniture: goal, challenge and skills

I’m getting into the flow of painting furniture again since I have made a decision: I’m going to start selling painted furniture and antiques again, combined with my coaching business. It’s one of the things I miss from the early days of my previous business. I distributed milk paint throughout Europe, but before I had a retail business in Belgium selling furniture pieces, hosting workshops, …  I’m not sure how I’m going to organize selling painted furniture and antiques here in Sweden, I have several options, time will tell.  

One possibility is a temporary pop-up market in the garden in Spring and Summer time. I could set up everything in front of our little ‘stuga’ next to our house. (Stuga is Swedish for cottage or Summer house.) My husband is renovating this little house for his own bakery business. The garden in front is perfect! It’s even large enough for hosting an event or market with many small businesses. Oh ideas ideas ideas!

The flow of painting furniture - Dala Muses

I have to admit that I secretly dreamt about sharing this shop with my husband. So that’s another option. Or maybe I could work together with a local business? I have learnt that alignment can happen when you’re very clear about your intention and purpose, so we’ll see what happens!

The possibility of selling painted furniture again has been very important for me to get back into the flow of furniture painting and shopping antiques again. Did you know creativity, flow and goals can be a very happy couple? In order to feel the flow I often need a clear goal. Knowing where I’m going gives me a sense of purpose. It makes my work more meaningful.

Setting this goal wasn’t the only thing that helped to get into the flow. I also needed to be into my ‘Goedele’ zone. This is the zone where my challenge is high but still reasonable or reachable and where I can use my favorite skills.

In this new country where I can understand a lot, but don’t speak Swedish fluently, the challenge is higher than average. On the other hand, it’s not like I’m working as a medical doctor in a language I don’t speak very well, so I still think of selling furniture in Swedish as ‘quite high but reachable’.  It’s actually more about getting over fear of failure and insecurities. I will make a 1000 mistakes, and I will probably have a good laugh about it many years from now. We’ll see, I’ll update you on how it goes :).

When you’re creating, do you get into the flow easily? Try to set a clear goal. Find a reasonable challenge and make sure you’re able to use your best skills.

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