How to apply Swedish ‘lagom’ to your marketing

How to apply Swedish lagom to marketing - Dala Muses

We have been living in Sweden now for more than 6 months. A milestone! A few years ago I was convinced we would end up in New England, and now we live in Sweden. Life definitely has its own way. Those 6 months were overwhelming to say the least, but slowly we’re adjusting. I noticed that I’m starting to appreciate Swedish ‘lagom’ in certain parts of my life.

Some of you might know the Danish word ‘hygge’. Where hygge can be translated into a feeling of coziness, Swedish lagom is more about being moderate and balanced in many aspects of life. Lagom can’t be translated literally, the closest thing is ‘not too little, not too much, just right’. Let me try to explain it:

I was in a meeting with other entrepreneurs last week. The atmosphere was ‘lagom’. Everyone was waiting for their turn to speak, nobody was sticking out, all opinions were taken into account. All was very calm and balanced, no fuss. Not that my home country is so drastically different, but still… I would have heard a few louder voices there and more chit chatting.

Another example of lagom are work hours. I tend to feel guilty when I’m taking some time off, as if productivity is the highest value. Whether this is in my personality or rather a cultural influence of my home country is open for discussion. But anyway … the Swedes seem to end their work days earlier, many people work ‘lagom’ hours so there’s a better family-work balance.

I don’t feel good about lagom in every aspect of my life. Sometimes I even want to be the opposite! But I see myself adopting lagom in the way I approach my business’ marketing: growing my business organically, in a slower, mindful but creative way. A way of marketing that is not too little, not too much, but ‘just right’ for me.


Trusting your soul-intention - soulful marketing - Dala Muses


I get overwhelmed so easily by all the ‘what you should do’-courses to grow your business to ‘6-figures’ in a short time, to triple your social media following in a month by knowing ‘the strategies’. It all feels too much to me, definitely not lagom or just right. I think I don’t want to triple my social media following in a month. I rather want to make a genuine connection with blog readers and coaching clients by slowly building a community.

My tips for applying a little ‘lagom’ to your marketing:

How to apply Swedish lagom to your marketing - Dala Muses


1.  Make a choice that suits you. Choose types of marketing you enjoy and feel comfortable with. It’s not because there’s a lot of buzz around a certain type of social media marketing that you have to try it. You can, and it might be effective, but if it doesn’t resonate with you, don’t put your energy there. I’m convinced that people pick it up when you don’t feel comfortable.

2. Don’t compare. You might think that you have to double your efforts or change your chosen path when you see the competition doing well in business, but it isn’t necessary. Looking at the competition isn’t lagom, moving forward on your own path with your own authentic voice is! You don’t have to fight or struggle to stick out, you simple being you is already enough.

3. Accept that slow is ok. You will get where you’re supposed to be. Just trust the process. Growing your following at a really fast pace can create a temporary bubble. What you need are people you share a strong connection and values with. Those things take time.

Does this idea of a slower and lagom marketing resonate with you? How do you feel about it?

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  1. Lydia Langston
    Lydia Langston says:

    Great post, and so true. In terms of real productivity and growth, not just social follow numbers, but real nurtured customers I would say that lagom or organic growth is the most valuable and profitable part of marketing. Thank you for writing this post it is a reminder to everyone.


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