My favorite flea market finds on a Swedish loppis

Swedish antique linen - favorite finds on flea markets - Dala Muses

Loppis, pronounced lop-pis, Swedish for flea market, has become  an important part of my life. I can’t imagine how I lived for almost 37 years without this amount of flea markets or thrift stores in my area. They are everywhere and I love it! I haven’t missed a week of thrift shopping since we moved here. I don’t know all the restaurants or clothing shops in the area, but I do know where the flea markets are.

There is a pattern in my flea market finds. Five themes or types of objects always catch my attention and end up in my home.

1. Linen

The antique Swedish kitchen towel is a hidden gem. They are at least as pretty as their French linen sisters, the monograms are even prettier (in my humble opinion), but the fabric structure is a bit rougher. We started using a couple in the kitchen, they’re really sturdy and very easy to wash at high temperatures. They are not so easy to find on flea markets, but I have put together a small collection already.

2. Blue and white porcelain

Blue and white porcelain is my sweet spot. I have been collecting tureens and plates for a while now.  I show it off in a large hutch in our living room, but there’s no room left :-). I have to say that there is also a pretty good choice of blue and white porcelain on Belgian and French flea markets or antique stores. The Swedish patterns and shades of blue are a bit different though and I’m completely into it right now. The novelty hasn’t worn off yet.

Swedish porcelain - favorite finds on flea markets - Dala Muses


3. Bakery tools

Some of you may have read that we’re renovating and transforming a small cottage into a bakery shop. I’m constantly on the lookout for antique bakery tools to decorate the shop with. These deep notched roll pins for knäckebröd are my favourite bakery tools to collect!

Swedish rolling pins - favorite finds on flea markets - Dala Muses


4. Vintage tins

I collect vintage tins since many years, but this larger rectangular type was totally new to me. They are large and handy (to keep a lot of clutter and stuff!), and often have a Scandinavian folk art pattern. They’re a bit more pricey or harder to find than all the other items in my list.

Swedish vintage tin - favorite finds on flea markets - Dala Muses


5. Furniture

Swedish antique furniture is a world on its own with its typical style and characteristics. I’m looking for two pieces for my own home: a Mora clock (I told you about that in a previous post, you can find it here if you missed that one) and a chifonnier. I was also looking for a kitchen bench with storage under the seat and I found that one not too long ago. Here’s a sneak peek from the before. I’m working on it now, I owe you the after picture!

Swedish kitchen bench - favorite finds on flea markets - Dala Muses


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    • Goedele
      Goedele says:

      Hi Angie! When I travel to the USA, I always visit a lot of antique malls and I love them :). I’ve been to a lot of them in New England, Illinois, Pennsylvania, but I don’t know what your area is like? I love your logo by the way, great font :).


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