The Dream Collector Workbook

Drawing Swedish furniture - The Dream Collector Workbook - Dala Muses

When I woke up this morning I snapped pictures from the birds and bees in our front yard. I put a picture on Instagram and decided it was going to be a take-it-easy and slower day. One to enjoy the sunshine, draw a little and develop a few coaching exercises.

But … sometimes the urge to work hard, finish projects and forget about everything else shows up unexpectedly. It’s a wonderful feeling and it happened this afternoon. It’s that zone I wrote about a few weeks ago, where I have a challenge, a clear goal and I can use my skills. If you missed that post about creative flow, you can read it here. I would have never guessed that by the end of this wonderful, so-called slower day, my Dream Collector Workbook would have been finished.

The Dream Collector Workbook - Dala Muses


It’s a workbook for people who dare to dream. It’s the first step towards the life you want. Daring to dream started for me with a small doormat in my mother’s vacation house in the South of Belgium, the Ardennes. Silly, isn’t it? A dirty doormat in front of the stairs! There was a quote on it, saying ‘dream dare do’. I can’t remember how many years ago it was, but at that point I decided to start living differently, to take my dreams seriously. I started collecting all my dreams, first in my head, later on paper. I stopped hiding them, I no longer pushed them away because of reason x or y, but I gave them attention. And slowly but steady my dreams came true: my own paint retail business, working with Miss Mustard Seed to distribute her milk paint to painted furniture retailers, running a bakery shop with my husband from a new home on the countryside, moving abroad, blogging.

Do you have many beautiful dreams? Do you also have the highest degree in coming up with reasons to postpone your dreams? This workbook is definitely for you! It was developed with a lot of love and my handdrawn illustrations. It’s available as a free download when subscribing to the blog. And if you have already subscribed: it’s coming to your inbox really soon!

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  1. Carrie J Myers
    Carrie J Myers says:

    This looks like something i could use..I’m the best procrastinator in the world..


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