Dalarna, my muses and corner values

Dalarna - Creative muses and corner values - Dala Muses
Dala Muses. And suddenly the name was there. About a year ago.  “The valleys” (Dalarna in Swedish, Dala means valley) were an important inspiration or ‘muse’ for several of my recent decisions in life. It is said that the region of Dalarna has the most Swedishness of the whole of Sweden.

Dalarna - Creative muses and antique shops - Dala Muses
The lakes and forests, the cute red houses with white trimwork, the importance of the preservation of old buildings and traditions. It’s even very inspiring in the way they decorate: using antiques, soulful objects and natural elements is such a natural thing! You can walk into a charming ‘butik’ (boutique or shop) and find a lot of treasures. That’s my kind of shop, I love antiques! This butik in particular sells historical paints and some ‘loppis’ finds.

Dalarna - Creative muses and corner values - Dala Muses
Though the region of Dalarna is a very important muse, it isn’t my only one. I set up a Pinterest board a while ago and started collecting all my inspiration sources in this ‘Muses-board’.  I love to look at it once and awhile.

As I was happily pinning away, it struck me how important all these things are to me. They are like a support group that keeps me going when I feel stuck with my blog or business, or when the ‘moving-abroad-blues’ hits me once and awhile (yes, that’s a thing, more about that in another post!). Muses guide and give breath to creative dreams. They reflect the most important values.

Creative Muses Pinterest Board - Dala Muses


In my board are flowers, pictures of Dalarna, paint pigments, an old red barn.  The old red barn is a representation of authenticity. Dalarna on the other hand goes back to the preservation of tradition, restoring soulful buildings and craftsmanship. The paint pigments stand for slow living, and the mindful process of mixing your own paint.

I also have some people in my Muses-board.  It took me a long time to understand the actual reason why they are in my board. It seems logical that they have a spot because they’re so talented. Yes, that’s one of the reasons but there’s more to it: they are my muses because they show persistence and the willingness to risk failure!

Creative Muses Pinterest Board
I highly encourage you to start your own Muses-board! Pin inspiration sources that feel like the cornerstone of your life or business, pin maybe a few quotes that keep you going, or everyday things and inspiring people.  And ask yourself why exactly those things or people inspire you. What are your muses learning you? Which values do they represent? It’s about pinning “who, where, what” and asking yourself why! Once you understand your values, it’ll be easier to move forward, follow your intuition and make decisions!


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