Meet the Muse: Kristin Vald

Meet the muses: Kristin Vald's lupines @Dala Muses

In my last post I introduced you to my muses through a Pinterest board. One of the muses is Vibeke Svenningsen and I was very glad to interview her a while ago and share it with you. It was so much fun that I decided to start a series on my blog: ‘Meet the Muse’. I want to interview all the creatives that inspire me, show you why I like them so much and share their tips with you. Today I would like you to meet photographer Kristin Vald from Iceland.

Her photos caught my attention on Facebook, and I immediately clicked ‘like’. When you see her work, you enter a fairy-tale, a world of pure perfection. I’m also drawn to her work because of the beautiful surroundings, nature and the way she presents the seasons. And I’ve always had a thing with the purple lupine flowers in Kristin Vald’s photos.

Kristin, how would you describe your style yourself?

I would describe my style as whimsical and magical. I like to tell stories with my pictures, I like them to be timeless and nostalgic.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration all around me, I’m always looking for a great location to take pictures. I also find inspiration by looking through photos from other photographers, artists etc, through pinterest, flickr and blogs.

Meet the muses: Kristin Vald @Dala Muses

There are two beautiful models in your photos. Can you tell us a little about them?

The two beautiful models are my two daughters, Karólína who is now 9 and Matthildur who is turning 13. They are both adopted from China and they are what inspired me to begin to take pictures.

Meet the muses: Kristin Vald Photography @Dala Muses

Your photos with the purple lupine flowers caught my attention first. What’s your special connection with the lupine?

Well….it´s no special connection but it´s a plant that´s pretty common here in Iceland. The purple flowers are beautiful and it´s all over so it´s perfect to take pictures of them. But the lifetime of the purple flowers are only about a month in June.

Meet the Muse: Kristin Vald Photography @Dala Muses

What made you decide to start sharing your creativity with the world?

Before I started taking pictures I did some digital scrapbooking and started my blog around that interest, to share with other people who were scrapping. Then that interest involved into photography so I just continued to share my work and people seemed to like it.

(Note: Here’s an example of Kristin Vald’s scrapbooking in 2008. It had that magical and whimsical atmosphere already. Kristin wrote ‘you have to look at your environment to get ideas’. This is definitely something she developed even further into her photography, don’t you think?)

What keeps you going when you struggle a bit with creative block?

I think it is good to relax a little and take some time off and then the creativity comes back. Usually I have enough ideas but sometimes it´s hard for me to perform a perfect photoshoot because everything has to be perfect; the weather (which is very unpredictable here in Iceland), my time schedule (I´m a teacher) the location, the props and clothes and last but not least my models….but they are very busy with school and extra activities.

Meet the Muses: Kristin Vald Photography @Dala Muses

I showed you Kristin Vald’s work from spring and summer because that’s where we are right now in this part of the world, but make sure you check out the other seasons on her blog, Pinterest or Facebook page. It’s beautiful!

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