Bucket list of furniture pieces: the Swedish bench

Swedish bench makeover with Fusion Mineral Paint - Dala Muses
Oh the Swedish bench, something I had been dreaming about since we bought our first home in 2005. Around that time there were some antique dealers in Belgium and Holland that offered them, but the prices were not for my budget. Later a lot of dealers started to sell Hungarian benches, and though similar in shape and style, let’s be honest: it’s not a Swedish bench! I also wanted to find one myself. That spark of adrenaline when you hit the perfect piece for a good price on a market, that was also something I was after.

Only 3 or 4 months after we moved, my husband and I found one. I had to look past the lavender blue colour and the moldy textile cover. I had to carry it through the February snow, but I had a vision for this Swedish bench. It took me a while to decide on the type of paint, and I eventually chose Fusion Mineral Paint. Choosing a type of paint is not always easy, there’s always a bit of theory going on in my head before I decide, like solving a puzzle. But when you know the conditions and the products, it’s easy to solve.

Swedish bench before the make-over with Fusion Mineral Paint - Dala Muses

Why Fusion Mineral Paint this time?

  • The Swedish bench was meant to be a piece for our half-covered porch in the Summer. In Winter it’s going to be a storage piece in our bedroom. I needed a furniture paint that has a good UV-resistance.
  • Seaside from Fusion happened to be the perfect  matte old blue.
  • The bench had multiple previous finishes (a stain, a varnish and a latex paint on top). I didn’t want to sand down everything, I just wanted to roughen up the top layer. Fusion does adhere well without having to sand endlessly.
  • I needed an ‘easy’ to apply paint. I considered linseed oil paint first, but that would have taken me forever with all the spindles.
  • I wanted something with a good coverage to cover all the differences in colour (from the previous layers). Fusion did the job in one layer.

Swedish bench makeover with Fusion Mineral Paint in Seaside - Dala Muses
The atmosphere on our deck massively improved after we added the bench.

Charlie and the Swedish bench - Dala Muses

I love to lounge there now and our photo-bomber Charlie joins me every time.

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