Seasons in business: summertime slowdown

Seasons in business: how to deal with the summertime slowdown - Dala Muses

We moved to an area with four very obvious seasons, just like I always wanted to. As much as there are seasons in nature are there different season in business. This season, summer, is always a challenging one and I would love to share my tips with all the readers out there with a small business.

When you’re highly-sensitive, you’re probably very perceptive to the influence of the seasons, just like me. Spring, a season so colourful, may affect your mood significantly. Does it wake up your senses after a dark or grey winter, a season of contemplation? I’ve always been very inspired by autumn. I think you could say it’s my favorite season. The deep colours of the leaves, the crispy mornings … it’s a time of rethinking what I’ve done so far, focusing more on ‘the big picture’ of life.

Seasons in business: how to survive the summertime slowdown - Dala Muses

But what about business? In order to harvest at the end of summer and enjoy the fruits of your labour in autumn, you have to grow something in spring and summer. And that’s where the challenge comes in, for me, but probably for many of you entrepreneurs out there. Should you plant all the seeds in spring, work hard and be super productive? And just wait, sit back and let grow in summer, go in complete relax-mode and hit the business pause button?

This urge to ‘summer relax’ is huge. My boys are home every day, so there’s less time to think about business. It’s the season where I sit on the deck and hear my youngest say ‘mama, I saved this bird and gave it enough food to make it through the day”. It’s the season where I wonder: maybe I shouldn’t work at all and give them all my time. The lakes, boats, fishing are calling me. Picking flowers too. Everyone takes a long break, especially in Sweden. Yes, I do think we deserve this time off.  You can’t be on all the time, everyone needs a break once and a while. If customers or clients are at the beach, why shouldn’t you and I catch our breath?

Seasons in business: how to deal with the summertime slowdown - Dala Muses


But still… I think we should all keep at least something going for our businesses. I’m not saying full force ahead, just something. Firstly, because we want to harvest something, secondly because our business can give us a lot of energy. I hear you, it’s a very difficult balance, sometimes a struggle for us mothers, but as I’m learning how to find the balance, I want to share my tips and thoughts.

Seasons in business: how to deal with the summertime slowdown - Dala Muses

1.  How is everything growing? Or the review.

I don’t have much time now for my business. That’s a fact. I deserve some time at the lake. Another fact. But while I’m taking this step back, I also make space in my head for reviewing my business goals and intentions. What can I adjust in the near future? I’m proactive about next year already.

2. Which new vegetable? Or the new project.

Past summers in Belgium, as I was reviewing what was growing well in my greenhouse, I always decided about a new vegetable for the next year. Something fancy, a new challenge, something not so common, such as a type of melons or artichoke. I know, it sounds a bit weird, but that’s how I am apparently :). I love my vegetable garden. I took the time to read and learn about this new vegetable or ‘project’. It could be the same for your business during summer. Read that ebook you didn’t have time for until now! Or learn something new that comes in handy for your business. Maybe think about the framework for that new project you want to start.

3. Water the plants! Or the daily task.

Watering the plants is a daily task you shouldn’t forget. It’s a couple of minutes per day but it makes up one big project: your succesful harvest. Do one daily but small task for your business and you’ll be surprised what you will have accomplished by the end of summer.

I want to thank you, if you made it to the end of this blog post about vegetables ;-). I got carried away! And I would love to know: How do you run your business during summer?

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