From Swedish stuga to shop: the renovation

Swedish vedspis - Dala Muses

I’m finally ready to share pictures of our shop renovation. The plan to renovate was there since we bought our Swedish house in April 2016. It had an extra (small) building (a stuga), full of charm on the outside, but old and dark on the inside. I was so focused on the end result that I didn’t even bother to take before pictures (which I regret now, ofcourse!).  At that time it was very dark in general in Sweden, so that didn’t really help my motivation to pick up my camera. Luckily my husband snapped a few pictures, so I have at least something to show you. Thank you husband. His name is Jurgen btw!

We had to strip down the whole thing but found a beautiful old wooden floor under layers of cardboard.

From Swedish stuga to shop - Dala Muses

Swedish shop renovation - Dala Muses

Bringing this dream of a ‘Swedish shop’ into reality hasn’t been a walk in the park, to be honest. I sometimes think I can only share our ‘ups’ on this blog, but let’s be real, there were also ‘downs’. There were a lot of delays, building issues, eye surgery for Jurgen and more surgery coming …

The Swedish shop renovation - Dala Muses

We still have to work to finalize this part of the house, renovate another part, but there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. And it was good for my Swedish, a whole world opens up when you have to start talking about waste pipes and ventilation in a foreign language! The timing is completely different from what we had expected. Everything is taking much longer, so typical for building and reno projects.

I initially freaked out about all this, but luckily I followed the advise of one of my muses, an artist and international expert in personal well-being and transformation. More about that in a next blogpost in the series of ‘Meet the Muses’!

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