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Brödladan surdegsbageri Ludvika

I have been promising you photos of our new shop for a very long time. The truth is, only half of the shop was open and finished. Jurgen and I had decided to combine our passions into one shop, one corner for me (furniture paint shop) and everything else bakery and bakery shop. I started out first and wanted to wait with this blog post until the bakery opened.

Brödladan opened about three weeks ago and it has been a super fun journey so far. We meet so many new people in the shop. There are bread enthousiasts and paint enthousiasts. And sometimes even both :). It feels like we’re finally landing a bit on our feet after one year in Sweden. If you missed the post about how it looked like when we started renovating, you can read it here.

Milk Paint i Sverige hos Dala Muses, Ludvika
Our businesses are separated into two different corners of the room. Dala Muses with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and Fusion Mineral Paint, and many more furniture painting supplies, is on the right side.

Fusion Mineral Paint i Sverige hos Dala Muses, Ludvika
On the other side of the room is Brödladan with baking supplies, different kinds of high-quality Swedish flour, sourdough bread, cinnamon bread and pastries.

Brödladan, surdegsbageri i Ludvika

Our shop is a renovated small building from the late 1800’s, but we don’t know for sure how old it is. We got this picture and a long list of people who used to live here since 1920.  A super interesting and kind present from a customer! Here you can see how it looked in March after we had renovated the windows.

We tried to keep as much as possible during the renovation such as this original woodstove. That side of the room also has all the original kitchen cabinets and pantry doors and still needs some cosmetic changes. I’m still on the fence about painting the doors.

Brödladan vedspis

The blue is very original though and gives the shop something very nostalgic. Would love to hear your thoughts?

Don’t forget to take a homemade Snickers on your way out ;-).

Surdegsbageri Ludvika Brödladan

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    • Goedele
      Goedele says:

      Thank you Lydia. It would have been weird to combine it in my home country, but here I felt we could do it. Bake, paint & create 🙂

  1. Stína Sæm
    Stína Sæm says:

    oh my….. Geodele this is amazing! I have been waiting to see photos from your store. and I love love love it. The house it self is so charming and have made it into amazing store for the both of you.
    All my best….

  2. Linda at q is for quandie
    Linda at q is for quandie says:

    You’ve created a lovely space and your photos of it are gorgeous. As for the blue cupboards, that’s always such a tough call. I often struggle with finding a balance between keeping the ‘original’ charm of something v. changing it to suit my own tastes. The blue is a pretty shade, and it works well with your blue & white china. So I think you could go either way and still have a beautiful shop!


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