Bitten by the stenciling bug

Scandi boxes collection - Stencils - Dala Muses

The plan was to show pictures of my new stenciled decor displayed outside, on a table in the snow. As soon as I was displaying everything it started to snow heavily for many hours. I moved everything inside and worked from there. Cozy and comfortable!

Boxes Scandi collection in Fusion Mineral Paint - stencils - Dala Muses
You could say I have been bitten by the stenciling bug. I just love all the creative possiblities. They’re perfect for my growing collection of Scandi boxes. The boxes were originally made to sell on local Christmas markets, but some boxes are already on their way to Belgium and the Netherlands as we speak. Especially those with the Dala horses hit a sweet spot in that part of the world. And the Swedes like the one with the French design!

The beige and red box are painted in custom mixes of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, the blue one in a custom mix of Fusion Mineral Paint. I completely forgot to write my custom mixes down, so I can’t share them. Unfortunately. Typical :).  I only remember that the red one is a mixture of Curio and Tricycle milk paint.

Boxes Scandi collection - Stencils - Dala Muses

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