Business growth when you don’t have time

Business growth when you don't have time - Dala Muses

Hello from winter wonderland. It has been such a long time since I wrote on this blog. I missed it a lot! It’s one of the creative outlets that brings me joy, and is just another way to express myself. I’m glad to be back. The past weeks were a bit rocky in our family and I just didn’t have a lot of time left to write, work on my business or even relax a little bit. I hesitated to write ‘not a lot of time to work on my business’, because I’m a business coach. Who wants to read that a business coach doesn’t have a lot of time for her business, I was thinking? But hey, let’s be real, I have difficulties too, just like anybody else. Let’s not fake things, there’s already so much fake in this world.

The weirdest thing is that my business actually grew a lot during those weeks. Isn’t that interesting? I found the reasons behind this business growth! I’m eager to share it with you! Before I take off with my explanation: if you’re worrying about my personal life: there’s nothing life-treathening going on, but one of my children is struggling and has been home a lot since Christmas. Dear mothers, you get me, right? How to work on your business when the kids are home? How to run a business when you’re worried?

I’m a mother and my children come first, ofcourse. My business is my personal outlet. It’s ‘me’. My painted furniture, my paint, my blog, coaching my clients , … It makes me happy. It’s a representation of who I am, my creative identity. Keeping the ‘me’ alive and kicking is important. Unhappy mother – unhappy children? I had to figure out how to keep the ship afloat. The solution was FOCUS – PLANNING – SUPPORT- OPEN MINDSET. A magical mix.

Business growth when you don't have time - Dala Muses

Credit N. Galina

Having a difficult time and simply not having a lot of time forced me to focus, focus and focus. There was no time to explore different new and interesting ideas. I didn’t have time to do a bit of this and a bit of that. This one question was left: which one thing (two actually) is going to grow my business and is realistic in my schedule? Writing the ebook that is on my mind since a very long time? Nope. Blogging and photography? No. Doing several markets and fairs to promote my shop? Oh no, absolutely not. Accepting only one or two coaching clients this month and asking them to do our calls in the evening ? YES. Growing my online shop? YES.

Does this mean that I also turned down opportunities? Yes, I did. They were financially interesting but were not going to give me a business growth on the long term. They were one-time opportunities without long-term results, so I turned them down. Sometimes that’s the best thing you can do.

Business growth when you don't have time - Dala Muses

Credit: Kalle Kortelainen

When you have a chaos of tasks or a tight schedule it doesn’t help to think ‘ I’m probably going to paint that piece tomorrow’ or ‘let’s work on my online shop somewhere in the next week’. It was better to sit down with my husband and pinpoint my tasks down on a certain day and time to find some structure in the chaos. Planning is key to business growth.

Business growth when you don't have time - Dal aMuses

Credit: Brigitte Tohm

I surrounded myself with nice and supporting people. People who get me. I didn’t invest energy in people who had caused a bit of drama in my life or projected negative emotions on me. I just let it go.

Business growth when you don't have time - Dala Muses

Credit: Ozgu Ozden

I realized I had to be flexible and look at things in a different light. I listened to several fellow Swedish entrepreneurs. At first I was convinced I could figure out all by myself how to grow my business in Sweden. I had a shop and online shop in Belgium, right, how hard could it be? When I realized how little time I had , I also realized that I’d better listen to their guidelines for business growth and throw off my Belgian mindset (more about this topic Getting used to Swedish culture). They taught me how to serve Swedish customers best, and I’m very grateful for that.

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  1. Lisa Silfwerbrand
    Lisa Silfwerbrand says:

    This must be theme of 2018 so far because I have been experience the same sort of… “I only have so much time so what is truly important that I must do first” sort of thing. Thank you for sharing your journey… it helps to know I am not the only one feeling this way!

    • Goedele
      Goedele says:

      Hi Lisa, thank you. It’s good to be honest about it, that way we know that we are many that feel this way sometimes :). Take care!


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