Visual journaling for business: collages

Visual journaling for business - Dala Muses

I like these early evening hours at the end of Winter. Not yet dark, with a very quiet atmosphere here in the woods and the perfect moment to write. I want to tell a little bit about my collages, a creative outlet that starts in school and so often stays exactly there: in school.  But not in our house. I’m 38 years old, but I still love making collages and I do take them very seriously. I glue them in what I call my ‘visual journal’.

You may be familiar with collages for interior design: the moodboard. I wrote a post about a similar collage last year: the intuitive collage for decorating.

The difference between a standard moodboard and my collage technique is intuition. You listen to your heart and intuition when putting your collage together, instead of listing to your rational side. I also use collages to find business clarity. When I feel stuck, overwhelmed or when it’s not really clear where my business is heading, I make a collage for my visual journal, guided by a specific question, to explore my emotions and options. It’s a welcome creative and liberating act in a (business) world of strategies and tactics.


Visual journaling for business: collages - Dala Muses
The image below (and the one on top of this blog post) are collages I made about running my business, fear and time-management. Making the collage is about expressing with colours, lines, symbols or patterns what I can’t always communicate with words. Once I bring it to the surface in my visual journal, the ball starts rolling. It’s like planting a seed.

Visual journaling for business with collages - Dala Muses
My collages were so full of subconscious information and answers. There were moments I pondered on a specific business question or talked to someone but that didn’t help as much as just looking at that tiny piece of art I just created. Making collages for my visual journal was really a reflective practice. Once I came to that insight, I signed up for courses with art therapists about using visual journals and collages in business coaching.

I’m implementing collage techniques in my own coaching work now. I see clients blossoming like a flower when they find those hidden answers or aha-moments. Beautiful!


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