Red and blue colors in Scandinavian interiors, part 1.

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I’m so curious about your homes. Though many of you and I share a common interest in DIY, home decor or even furniture painting, we may prefer totally different colors. This is so interesting! I wish I could visit each and every one of your homes, experience “the vibe” and see how it links to your unique personality.

I played around with neutrals for a very long time, but red and blue were never far away. For many years different tones of North American historical reds and blues were a large inspiration after a trip to New England. I call them ‘barn red’ and ‘colonial blue’. Does that make sense, dear North American readers?  Nowadays I seem to have moved on to their European, even Swedish, sisters: different tones of Falu red and Swedish blue-grey.  In part 2 of this blog post I will write about the origin, history or name of these colors. Stay tuned, today is just a bit of inspiration.

An interior designer with a similar love for red and blues is Katrin Cargill, originally from Sweden, living in London. Some of you may know her books about Swedish interior design, textiles or painted furniture. Her style is a beautiful fusion of Scandinavian style, New England and touches of English cottage.

Red and blue in Scandinavian interiors - Dala Muses

Red and blue in Scandinavian interiors
Many Scandinavian IG profiles show the most beautiful examples of blue and red against a neutral background. You can find more inspiration on my Homes in Sweden – IG profile, but here are already some images to enjoy. You can see blue and red popping up in different styles, from the elegant Gustavian interior to the cozy Swedish country home.

You can immediately see where I got my inspiration from for this Swedish bench in Fusion Mineral Paints Seaside haha.


Credit: Vakre Magazine

Credit: Duro

What about you? What do you think about this colorful combination?

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