Meet the muse: My Vintage Home

Meet the Muse - My Vintage Home - Trude Anita Belland - Dala Muses

It has been months since I did an interview for my ‘Meet the Muse‘ blog series, it’s time to get the ball rolling again! I would like you to meet Trude from My Vintage Home, stylist, photographer and influencer on Instagram. Trude is the first one in my series that is almost a neighbour, living ‘only’ 1,5 hours driving from our home. How cool is that!

I found My Vintage Home on Instagram and Trude’s style immediately caught my eye: Scandinavian meets Rustic – Simple yet Sophisticated. Trude also enjoys painting furniture and that’s how we started working together! Trude started painting with Fusion Mineral Paint and shares her beautiful pieces on Instagram.

Trude, can you tell us a little bit about your creative journey?

I come from a family of carpenters, artists, glassmasters. My mom was a tailor, she made our clothes when we were young. She was also a very good knitter and crocheter. I grew up on a small Norwegian island out in the ocean. It was a long way to get to the coast to shop, so we had to DIY and make things ourselves.

My creative journey started there, maybe as early as 4-5 years old. I painted and made clothes for my dolls quite early. I made things out of items I found and collected. I moved out when I was 17 and that opened my eyes for furniture, colour and design. I had to decorate my own home for the first time and was about to become a mother.

Meet the Muses - My Vintage Home - Dala Muses

Trude’s youngest son Alfred.

A cozy personal home was very important to me! I still remember that I bought my first (old) dining table and painted it. It was so much fun that I wanted to find and do more! Unique items to put my own stamp on. Over the years it became clear that I want to work with old items and give them a new life. It’s great to see the magic of colour and a little bit of love. Even though I have been doing this for a while now, it feels like my journey has just started. I want to move forward now and share it with the world.

How would you describe your interior style?

I would call my style French & Nordic with a twist. The white base in my home is a good background to add furniture, paint and textiles. You will only find old furniture and items in my home, either just like I found them with the beautiful patina or painted with milk paint, chalk paint and recently, mineral paint. I think it’s very important to use the right type of paint, with a finish that goes well with antique items. Sometimes I add items and furniture without overthinking it. You could say that the furniture and pieces determine my style that way.

Meet the Muses - My Vintage Home - Dala Muses

Meet the Muses - My Vintage Home - Dala Muses


How has your style evolved through the years?

I have always had old furniture and antique items. But before, I chose colours that where trending. Everything from mustard yellow and dark country colors in the 90’s to the white and shabby chic beginning of the 2000’s. I still have white. It has become my thing and it’s a background I like. Not everything has to be white though. A pop of colour on a piece is a good thing to surprise a bit and create that wow factor. The biggest difference was adding items with the original patina and colour/paint.  I’m more determined now in what I want and how the item contributes to the big picture. The big picture is everything, the leading thread.

Meet the Muses - My Vintage Home - Dala Muses

Meet the Muses - My Vintage Home - Dala Muses

You are obviously one of my interior design muses, but who are your muses?

You could say that old and antique items with a story and a soul are muses of mine. Everything else comes naturally.  I also work with Marian from the blog Miss Mustard Seed, or Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. Marian is the one I’ve learned from the most. Her milk paint was the first paint I tried on my pieces.

Meet the Muses - My Vintage Home - Dala Muses

A few of Trude’s pieces painted in Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint

I also work with Nordic Chic chalk paint through Lisemettesol, her work is so good.  And now I also work with you, and started painting with Fusion Mineral Paint. I love what you do, it’s inspiring and I’m happy we work together.

Meet the Muses - My Vintage Home - Dala Muses

Trude’s latest piece painted in Fusion Mineral Paint

What else inspires you?

The first thing that inspires me every day is actually my own home! What can I change? How can I improve? I look around and see things in a different way. I put things together in a new and exciting way and suddenly see what’s missing. That’s when I get really inspired and creative and go looking at flea markets or auctions for new things to add . That’s when things are starting to happen!

Social media such as Instagram and Pinterest are also an important platform for me. Everything you need to get inspiration for your interior is there.  You learn how to DIY. And the best one: gorgeous inspiring pictures.

I also like to take workshops and courses. You get input, it pushes you forward, you meet like-minded and inspiring people.

My tips: Take a course! Scroll through social media! Take it all in.

The combination of motherhood and running a creative business is a challenge. How do you make it work? What are your tips for us?

For My Vintage Home I work from home while my three small children (5, 4 and 11 months old) are at home. I don’t have to leave home to work, something I’m very happy about. I do several things: painting furniture, my little antique shop in the chicken coop, I’m also an influencer on Instagram and I work as a freelance photographer and stylist.

Meet the Muses - My Vintage Home - Dala Muses

My husband works a lot of the time out of the country. I’m often alone with my children, not always easy to combine children with work. I organize a lot in advance, take everything out that I will need. That way I can immediately start when I have some time.  And when I have a deadline the next day I sometimes work late at night. Everything is possible when you want to. Prioritize. What’s the most important now? What can wait? From time to time it overwhelms me, and I need a break for a couple of days. But after the break I start again!

Meet the Muses - My Vintage Home - Dala Muses

I have an hour or two every day when the baby sleeps. That’s when I manage to paint a little, send some emails, edit pictures, take pictures for my Instagram, style something I’m working with. But prioritizing is so important when I have my hands full the whole day. I also make to-do lists for every day. My best tip is ‘get everything ready, take everything out in advance’. That way you can skip that part when you have time.

We all have creative block or burnout sometimes. How do you keep your creative on?

There are so many ways to get your inspiration back. I mentioned earlier courses and social media. Social media are there all the time. When my inspiration is gone for a longer time, I try to do something else. Refurbishing, painting, … just something fun. When I get tunnel vision, I go to our cottage in the woods. When I come back, I look at my home in a different way.

Meet the Muses - My Vintage Home - Trude Anita Belland - Dala Muses

And when that doesn’t work, I try to remove some stuff, have it a little bit minimalistic for a while. Especially in those rooms where I’m the most: the living room and kitchen.

Don’t look too much for inspiration when it doesn’t come back immediately. Inspiration shows up again when you least expect it. Maybe when you’re on vacation, when you look out of the window at your job, when you see a picture, talk to friends about interior. There’s always inspiration, somewhere.

What is a dream for your business you want to share with us?

I’m already living my dream with My Vintage Home. I hope I can continue to inspire others with what I do, whether it’s with beautiful pictures or painted furniture. My dreams for the next years are: to see my home in a magazine, have a course in painting furniture maybe, or a course in styling. It’s so much fun to teach people what I have learnt. Another dream is a website where I can sell the antiques I find. Time will tell. Right now I love this wonderful mix of things I do.

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