Countdown to midsummer: a challenge in creativity

Countdown to Midsummer with Fusion Mineral Paint - Dala Muses

This blog started with a post about daily creativity, or the importance of a daily creative practice. It wasn’t on my daily agenda lately, so it was time to pick up where I left and challenge myself with a new creative practice. We’re about one month from midsummer, or ‘midsommar’ in Swedish.

From now until midsummer the days get significantly longer every day and nature proudly shows off with all her green colours and flowers. Last night I woke up around 3.30 am and went to the kitchen to have a glass of water. I looked out of the window for a while. It was daylight, I listened to the sound of the birds and hoped to see deer or a moose passing by. This time of year is amazing.

It’s the perfect time to learn more about all the wildflowers. Every other day another one pops up so to speak. I will look them up, and combine them with several Fusion Mineral Paint colors.

Countdown to midsummer: a challenge in creativity - Dala Muses

It’s really a challenge because I have only three things: a glass milk bottle painted in a Fusion Mineral Paint color, a flower and my camera. I’ll have to figure out which background, texture, or props I can add to make it interesting. I want to improve my photography during this challenge, improve my Lightroom skills and have a daily moment where I can just think about colors, flowers and how to create something out of that.

I stepped out of the door with a milk bottle in Fusion Mineral Paints Linen. I felt quite uninspired so I went to check on our chickens. The bravest one came out and while I was taking pictures, she ran straight to me, trying to pick on my camera.

Countdown to midsummer: a challenge in creativity - Dala Muses

The old barn our chickens live in, was the inspiration I needed.  I looked around in our yard, saw the blossoms on our pear tree, the bottle in Linen, our old red barn and all I could think of was a wedding theme.

Countdown to midsummer: a challenge in creativity with Fusion Mineral Paint - Dala Muses

Do you see that wedding vibe in the picture?  And voilà, my challenge had taken off.

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