From creative block to apple green

From creative block to apple green with Fusion Mineral Paint - Dala Muses

This piece was a pain. It really was. This was not because of the finish or the process of painting, but because of me. I was stuck, had a creative block. The piece stood in my hallway for almost 2 months and every time I walked through the hallway, I sighed. I didn’t know what to do with it. I had a crisis haha.  That’s a lot of sighs every day I can tell you.

The ‘before’. It was not the cleanest piece I had ever bought, but after a good degreasing and a quick sanding, Fusion adhered perfectly. I had a professional photo bomber: our cat Mittens.

From creative block to apple green with Fusion Mineral Paint - Dala Muses
I ended up with the colour Linen from Fusion Mineral Paint, which was a decision led by ‘let’s play it safe, I don’t know what to do with this piece, let’s choose a neutral colour that everybody likes , I’ll sell the piece, end of story’. Another thing I can tell you: wrong choice. In my opinion Linen is a beautiful neutral that goes well with softer shapes and farmhouse details. This piece has clean, straight lines and didn’t look good in Linen, just one big ‘blah’. I didn’t bother to make a picture. I don’t know what I was thinking, it was definitely a creative block.

Two weeks ago I visited my friend and fellow entrepreneur Solveig. She had just moved her flower shop to a new location, an old factory near our town. Months before that we had been chatting about the interior design over lunch and a cup of coffee. We talked about industrial, rusty details combined with bright petrol greenblue, and I was so curious to see the end result.

On this visit Solveig and I also talked about this piece and my indecisiveness. Solveig didn’t see the piece, didn’t even know it was originally dark green, but she mentioned a couple of greens, including ‘apple green’. I went home ‘re-inspired’ by her shop and comments, took out my paint brush and repainted the piece in Park Bench from Fusion Mineral Paint.

From creative block to apple green with Fusion Mineral Paint - Dala Muses

No more sighs. This was perfect! I painted the drawer knobs with Bronze metallic paint from Fusion and added extra label holders to give the piece a more industrial vibe.

From creative block to apple green with Fusion Mineral Paint - Dala Muses

Sometimes you just need a Solveig. Someone who pushes you out of your comfort zone. “I think you should choose something ‘spännande’ she had also said about another piece I was going to paint white or grey, months before this one. Spännande is Swedish for exciting, and she’s right. I should try more exciting things in interior decor and furniture painting.

Be fearless with paint!

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  1. Solveig
    Solveig says:

    😀 This was really fun to read. I remember all our diskussions about color and that you should try something ’spännande’ instegs of your ordinarie sade choices. I really love the result and the idé of colors that speak to my heart and make me feel happy.


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