My thoughts on being a multipassionate entrepreneur

Thoughts on being a multipassionate entrepreneur - Dala Muses

There are small details in life, at first glance meaningless, but when you start connecting all the details, meaning shows up. Or … how the coffee mug from a Finnish Instagram influencer, a Swedish illustrator and multipassionate entrepreneurs are related. Weird and interesting, isn’t it?

Let’s start with the Finnish Instagram influencer! I follow T.Susanna’s instagram profile because it’s simply amazing. A beautiful Scandinavian home and interior, flowers and coffee. That’s perfection! One particular coffee mug drew my attention. Voilà, isn’t it a beautiful one? The drawing, inspired by Scandinavian folk art, is complicated yet so calming and balanced at the same time.

From a Swedish illustration to a multipassionate entrepreneur - Dala Muses


I wanted to buy it somewhere but couldn’t find the source. This week I stumbled upon Lotta Olsson’s website, a Swedish illustrator, totally by accident. She’s apparently the artist behind the pretty mug and she has more beautiful work, such as her ‘multitree’ posters. For her this poster is about her mothers garden, her father turning 60, the Swedish town Uppsala by the riverside and Calcuttas botanical garden among other places. To me it’s completely about multipassionate entrepreneurs, such as some of my coaching clients and myself are.

From a Swedish illustration to a multipassionate entrepreneur - Dala Muses

Source:, illustrated by Lotta Olsson


Multipassionates, or their businesses, are like trees with a lot of different branches, leaves and flowers. They have a lot of ideas, they want to do all of them and have a hard time choosing only one. They are fast-learners and are not afraid to start from the beginning, learn everything from scratch. Multipassionates like to combine different perspectives, disciplines or fields into one new creation. Like putting together a mug, an illustration and a blog post about multipassionates haha.

Thoughts on being a multipassionate entrepreneur - Dala Muses. Multipotentialite, scanner, renaissance soul.

Some multipassionates find one theme that weaves all their different interests into one coherent business. Others have a portfolio of several businesses. Or some multipotentialites explore one career path for a while, and go to another one later in life.

Dala Muses is a personal blog, a creativity coaching business and an expression of my love for furniture paint, painted furniture and Scandinavian homes. That’s a lot, right? A multipassionate loves different things! To make things more complicated: I recently (re)joined the team behind Old Red Barn, the European distributor for the furniture paints ‘Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint’ and ‘Fusion Mineral Paint’. My role and tasks there are very organisational with a hint of creativity while my other branches are mostly about creativity with a touch of organisational skills. I really need all the branches to keep my balance in life. It’s balanced and very clear to myself at this stage, but I still have some work to do to make it clear to other people.

From a Swedish illustration to multipassionate entrepreneurs - Dala Muses

Source:, illustrated by Lotta Olsson

If you can identify with this, or you know someone who might be multipassionate, you’ll also recognize the challenges and even nuisance that come with it.


  • Your own career path isn’t really clear to you?
  • Your family and friends don’t ‘get’ your job? They think you’re taking too much on your plate? They say you should choose?
  • You can’t choose between your passions and you wish there was a job where you could combine all of them?
  • You have the nagging feeling “I’ll never be succesful because I can’t stick to something”?
  • You’re bored easily.
  • You don’t know how to advertise your passions/businesses without confusing people?
  • Or maybe at this stage everything is still one overwhelming big blob?

I hear you! I’ve been there, and I’m still learning and adjusting as we speak. A multipassionate will probably tweak, change and adjust his whole life. And that’s actually fun, right?

Here are a few of my tips for all the multipassionate business owners out there.


  1. Be kind to yourself and accept the authentic and beautiful you.You’re perfectly normal and there are more people just like you. You are not weird. Remember that you don’t have to choose just one passion and abandon everything else. There are solutions! Drop me an email if you want to chat it about it.
  2. Remember that this lifestyle has benefits.There’s not only the benefit of pursuing multiple passions, there are also multiple sources of income. When one falls apart, there are always other roads to take, or projects to develop. The eggs are in different baskets. They say a shop owner should diversify. A multipassionate diversifies all the time.
  3. Take a big post-it, write down ‘routine + planning’ and hang it on your computer screen.Keeping several balls in the air requires a lot of planning. I have my routines, schedules and lists. What works for me, maybe doesn’t work for you, but I think there needs to be a minimum fixed schedule.  You’ve heard that multipassionates can’t focus? So wrong, my schedule is my focus.
  4. Embrace your love for reading new books and taking new courses all the time, but keep it ‘lagom’.I often want to take a sidetrack, learn something new – again. I learned to take it slow. Lagom is the Swedish word for ‘not too little, not too much’.  I know the trap. You are very excited about this new thing, so you spend a lot of time learning, while neglecting the other branches in your business. It’s a balancing act.
  5. Ask help. Don’t be afraid to invest or hire someone. I’m such a DIY-er. I really want to do it all myself. I’m also spoiled because my husband is my free IT guy and I considered him a part of the ‘DIY’. When he started building his own business/bakery, had less free time, I realized how valuable he REALLY was on that level haha. I had already figured out that he was valuable in general, fyi. Anyway, I learned that it doesn’t hurt to hire someone or ask help in those areas that aren’t my specialty.

So, are you a multipassionate? Or do you know someone who is?


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  1. Eleni
    Eleni says:

    It is amazing… You just described the total mess I am in! And those tips are great but somehow I always postpone practicing them because there is always a new deadline distracting me… 🙁

    • Goedele
      Goedele says:

      I can imagine that the tv shows were very overwhelming! Just let me know if you need more tips or someone who can look at the situation from a distance.

  2. thebe
    thebe says:

    l love this article I’m so inspired,so all in all I’m not gonna be afraid to learn new things everyday,as an eager entrepreneur, keep on motivating us

    • Goedele
      Goedele says:

      Hi! Thank you so much. I´ve been neglecting this blog since a couple of months. Your comment made me wonder if I should start writing again!


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