Fusion Mineral Paint with European flair

This post is straightforward. I’m showing off what my fellow European furniture painters create with Fusion Mineral Paint. That’s it. So simple. And that’s exactly the theme of this post: simplicity or ‘Less is more’. While I was looking through all the beautiful pictures of European pieces in Fusion Mineral Paint, one thing struck me: a lot of us are ‘less is more’. We just keep it simple, in painting and styling. And simplicity is strong, authentic and beautiful.

Fusion Mineral Paint with European flair - Dala Muses

I’m starting in the North of Europe, with Anneli, a furniture painter from Sweden. You can connect with her on her Instagram profile ‘Stjerntorpet’. Anneli has a very impressive style in my opinion: 100% less is more, so calming and soothing. Very Scandinavian. Anneli works a lot with Lichen and Ash. This is her latest piece in Lichen.

Fusion Mineral Paint - European style - Dala Muses

Next on our trip is interior designer and Instagram influencer Trude from My Vintage Home, also in Sweden. You may have met Trude already in this post about ‘Meet the muses’. Though her style is somewhat ‘busier’ with vintage finds and farmhouse style pieces, it’s still very much ‘less is more’. Her colour choice creates harmony and calmness. Also very Scandinavian, but in a rustic style. This is her latest piece in Fusion’s colour Putty.

Fusion Mineral Paint European style - Dala Muses
We’re traveling further to Germany now, to Daggi from the blog Gone paintin’.  Her blog is one of my favorite DIY and farmhouse style blogs in Europe. Daggi painted this antique chair with Pebble.

Fusion Mineral Paint European Style - Dala Muses
From Germany we go to their neighbours in the Netherlands. In this post it looks like the more south we go, the more colourful and less ‘less is more’. Well, in general that’s probably not far from the truth with regards to style choices.  Our next painter (and Fusion Mineral Paint retailer) is Bonny from ‘Goed Gestyled’. I met Bonny many years ago at our house in Belgium, where I trained her in painting techniques with milk paint. When I think of her style I think of ‘calming blue-greens and a clean but happy look’. Just like this piece, painted in a mixture of Bayberry and Brook. It’s fresh, in Bonny’s signature style green-blue, but that little bit of extra on the drawers.

Fusion Mineral Paint European Style - Dala Muses
Not too far from Bonny we finish our traveling at Yasmin’s place: ‘Ruby Wonen’, also a retailer for Fusion Mineral Paint. There’s something very freeing about the Netherlands, for a Belgian in Sweden. You can try out a totally new trend that nobody else has done  yet … and everyone seems to be ok with that. You can be YOU among the Dutch.

Fusion Mineral Paint European Style - Dala Muses

I see all this in Yasmin’s style . She doesn’t wait for a trend to be picked up, she picks it up herself. I haven’t seen a lot of the blending technique (popular in North America) in Europe yet, but Yasmin did it, with Park Bench, Renfrew Blue and Coal Black! How cool is that!

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