Botanical decor and faux rust

Botanical prints are trending all over the world. And they come from … exactly … the Scandinavian countries. While I was planning the renovation of our upstairs living room, the ‘allrum‘ in Swedish, I felt myself drawn more and more to botanical decor. Well, with my passion for wildflowers it’s not so strange. It’s all plants after all! 

This tray is the first botanical decor in my house, but the plan for the room is wallpaper with botanical prints and wainscoting. You could say that I’m starting small, to see if I like it. This item was originally a plastic light blue tray, but Fusion Mineral Paint’s Copper (a metallic colour) and Chocolate (a deep brown colour) did some magic. It’s now a faux rust item!

Botanical decor and faux rust with Fusion Mineral Paint - Dala Muses


Here’s a quick tutorial, inspired by So Much Better with Age‘s new book, but adapted to my project and style.

-1 layer of Fusion’s Ultra Grip (to make sure paint was going to adhere to the plastic). It dried overnight.
-I printed out a free image and applied it onto the surface with Fusion’s Decoupage and Transfer Gel. I also went over the image with the decoupage gel to protect it. I let it dry a couple of hours.
-1 layer of Fusion’s Chocolate mixed with a little bit of fresco powder. I slapped it onto the surface (except where the image was, I used some painter’s tape to make sure I wasn’t going to paint onto the image) to give it extra texture. I let it dry a couple of hours.

Botanical decor and faux rust with Fusion Mineral Paint - Dala Muses
-1 layer of Fusion’s Copper mixed with a little bit of fresco powder, I slapped it again onto the surface (except where the image was) but left some Chocolate showing. I let it dry a couple of hours.
-I made a tinted glaze with Fusion’s Clear Glaze and Bayberry (4 parts glaze to 1 part Bayberry), applied it with a brush and took away the excess with a lintfree cloth. I had orginally planned to use Renfrew Blue, as you can see in the image below. A beautiful verdigris, but it didn’t match the botanical print, it was just too much, so I chose Bayberry instead.

Verdigris and Faux Rust with Fusion Mineral Paint.
You’re maybe wondering why I lit a candle and have some leaves instead of flowers in a jar. It’s Summer after all you may think (unless you’re from Australia). Fall is always earlier here in Sweden. School has started (15th of August), the weather is definitely changing to chilly and rainy and some leaves are starting to change colour. I’m feeling the Fall-vibe in the air!

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  1. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    This is beautiful! I love this! I had to look hard to figure out what you actually made because all of this looks vintage.
    Hugs, Jamie

    • Goedele
      Goedele says:

      Thank you Jamie. Some other items are really vintage. The glass jars come from a pharmacy, the labels are in French/Latin, but I can’t really figure out how old they are. The tin can is an old Dutch storage can. The candle holder is new, from the very well known Swedish furniture store haha.


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