Showing up for creativity

How to shop up for creativity, even when you don't feel like it - Dala Muses

Showing up for creativity, what a challenge! There are so many days I just don’t make something, write for my blog, paint, decorate my house, …  You and I don’t have the perfect life after all. We have a lot of duties, chores, a difficult situation in life sometimes. Anyway, life can get in the way of what you would love to do all day: create.

‘I can’t move forward enough because I don’t have time’ was a very prominent thought. I decided to let that go. The thought itself was a crippling one. Ofcourse, time is an issue, but the thought was slowing me down more than the issue itself. If my blog and creativity are so important to me, I just have to MAKE time. And so I did.

An example. I keep a collageing journal. Every collage is about personal issues. By expressing the issue in scraps of paper, I can let go of emotions that I’m keeping inside. Important, but I don’t work in my journal as much as I want to.

How to show up for creativity, even when you don't feel like it - Dala Muses

Friday evening I wanted to start again, but I felt tired. Netflix was calling my name, very loudly. It screamed. And I listened. I listen quite easily when Netflix calls my name!  If I really wanted to make time for my journal, I had to make a “sacrifice” somewhere.

Saturday I tried again, but I was supposed to take over from my husband in our shop. I came in with all my magazines and my journal prompt on a piece of paper. Jurgen was like ‘what are you doing here with all that’. ‘Well’, I said, ‘I’m showing up for my creativity!’ (or something of that matter).

In the ideal situation I want to work on my collages with a bit of music in the background, nothing on my ‘to-do’-list and the whole house to myself, with Mittens (the cat) and Charlie (the dog) always nearby. I place an old window against our fireplace and gather all my scraps of paper there until I know how I’m going to combine them on my piece of paper. This ideal situation hardly ever happens haha.

How to show up for creativity, even when you don't feel like it - Dala Muses

How to show up for creativity, even when you don't feel like it - Dala Muses


If my collageing journal is so important to me, I’m ready to do it in between customers in the shop.  Or I could get up earlier? There are possibilities, if I really want. The question is always: how important is it? Inconsistency is so easy. Netflix is so easy. Even doing laundry is sometimes easier.

And that’s what I mean with showing up for creativity. I just have to make time for something as important as my collages. The collages are a very powerful tool to bring the unconscious to the surface. Check out what a difference between both, about the same topic, months in between, but the colours tell how much I have processed this topic already. There’s a lot more “letting go of a fear” in the second image.

How to show up for creativity, even when you don't feel like it - Dala Muses

Here are some more tips for you!

Limit your screen time

Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, email or a game on your phone: they suck time. Massive amounts of time. I try to limit them to a few moments per day.

Your perspective on creativity as a ‘talent’.

Maybe you’re not taking the time to create because you think you’re not creative enough or not talented enough? I don’t see myself as very talented, but talent is just one thing. The more you practice, the better you get at something. When it comes to collages, getting better at it is not even my priority. I want to express emotions first.

Develop habits.

When you decide that for example 9 in the evening is going to be your daily creative moment, it becomes easier to be consistent. My blog is my habit or compass.

Share what you make.

Share, even when you think it’s not good enough. There will always be people who like what you do. Positive feedback can bring your motivation back, but be careful. Negative feedback can stop you in your tracks, if you let it stop you. Showing up for creativity is about much more than people’s feedback.

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