Moving out!

Moving out to Kraftcentralen 1911 - Dala Muses

Yes, I moved out. It sounds like I’m 18 years old and moved out of my parent’s house, but it’s ofcourse only for work that I moved to Kraftcentralen 1911. After 7 years of working from home, first in Belgium, later in Sweden, I decided it was time for something new. Spring is here! Time for new ideas and a new stage in life.

I started my own business from home in Belgium, when I had two little boys. They thrived in a calm environment (just like me) and didn’t like the hussle of after school childcare between 4pm and 6pm. I decided to work from home as much as I could, so I could always pick them up from school and they could skip (the also expensive) childcare. I somehow made it work through all those years, first with an online shop, which developed into a shop and later a distribution company. In Sweden with a shop, as a coach and a consultant.

Having this flexibility, sometimes working in my pyamas, it sounds perfect, as if you can do whatever you want, but it’s not always easy. You have to create your own daily structure, nobody else is doing that for you. Secondly, the balance between work and private life is a challenge. Boundaries are blurred when you work from home.

There’s also a bit of loneliness. It didn’t bother me as much when I lived in Belgium, but I lived in the middle of town, cars were passing by and family and friends dropped in occasionally. Living in the woods was a dream of mine, but I have to be honest, it can get lonely during dark long snowy Winters. I longed for more connections with fellow entrepreneurs in my daily life.

Moving out to Kraftcentralen 1911 - Dala Muses

I have a good connection with Solveig, who also helped me with my green cabinet, if you remember this post. Solveig is a landscape architect with a beautiful gardening shop in an old factory. I call it a ‘factory’ because of all the industrial accents, but it’s actually a generating station from 1911, right next to the beautiful Väsman lake in my town Ludvika, in middle-Sweden. ‘Kraftcentralen 1911’. It’s a very inspiring environment!

Moving out to Kraftcentralen 1911 - Dala Muses

Moving out to Kraftcentralen 1911 - Dala Muses

Solveig (on the right) strongly believes in the creative power of women, especially when they work together. In the Fall of 2018 she started working with creative photographer and IG influencer Ida Gustafsson (left, also known as Sulkullan) in Kraftcentralen. Hosting creative workshops together is one of their goals.

Moving out to Kraftcentralen 1911 - Dala Muses

Photography: Sulkullan

Flowers, photography, creative workshops, the creative power of women, next to the lake … that sounded like a perfect place! And so it happened. Since last week I have my own desk in a corner of Kraftcentralen right beside the cutest window in the building. Here I can continue my work as a consultant for Old Red Barn, work on this blog, focus on product design and host workshops.  It’s an old Swedish generating station, but sometimes I close my eyes and pretend I’m in an old historical Belgian school building, the place where I spent most of my childhood. It’s the stone walls, large and beautiful windows and the high ceilings that remind me of those days gone by.

I can’t tell you a lot yet, because it’s only my second week in Kraftcentralen, but the first paint/flower/stamping metal workshop, a collaboration between Solveig, Ida and me, is already in the works! Can’t wait!

Moving out to Kraftcentralen 1911 - Dala Muses

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