The Swedish summer stencil collection

The Swedish Summer Stencil Collection - Dala Muses

It’s the most abundant time of the year. Summer has started, or to be more precise: It’s Midsummer in Sweden, one of the highlights of the year. An appropriate time to tell you about something super exciting I have been working on for a while now. It’s so hard when you can’t tell anyone what you’re so passionate about. After the launch of my stencil collection inspired by Scandinavian folk art, I walked around with another, but very specific, idea for a new stencil collection. I’m so happy to tell you that it’s ready!

These stencils are inspired by the nature that I call my home since more than 2 years now. Our home is on a hill, completely surrounded by forest, wildflowers, fruit trees, berries, deer and other wildlife. It’s an amazing place to call home and I wanted to express this in the designs of my new stencils.

The Swedish Summer Stencil Collection - Dala Muses

The focus of this collection are the 6 quotes in A4 and A3 size that each come with a garland of natural or flower designs. The fun part is that each quote can be combined with each garland. With just 6 two-layered stencils (the quote is on a second layer) you can make 36 possible combinations. I really want to present them each properly and I will do that in other blog posts, but here’s already the big picture.

The Swedish Summer Stencil Collection - Dala Muses
This collection was yet another new step in my life as a creative entrepreneur. With the previous collection I was slower, insecure and indecisive. This collection went so much faster. Insecurity made place for joy and excitement. When you want to design your own products, there is an endless list of decisions to make and practical and mental barriers to overcome. A big learning curve and I’m climbing the curve one step at a time. I really want to thank all the people who helped me out, believed in me and made this happen! Every entrepreneur needs an ecosystem, in other words great partners to collaborate with!

I also added 4 stencils in A5 size for small projects, based on the designs of the 6 larger stencils.

The Swedish Summer Stencil Collection - Dala Muses

I recently received several applications from the USA and Australia for my stencils, which blew me away to be honest. I have set up a wholesale structure and you can find more information about current retailers and wholesale opportunities when you click the links.

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