The season’s best berries!

Making a wreath with rowan berries - Dala Muses

Rowan berry trees are not new to me, but they never had an impressive amount of berries where I grew up. In Sweden they have. Some years. Like this one! Our own street has at least 5 of those trees and I decided to do something decorative with the berries. Bringing some nature onto my porch!

Harvesting rowanberries - Dala Muses

I used them as a decorative detail in my refinished display cabinet. It accentuated the richness of the colours Midnight Blue and Renfrew Blue (from Fusion Mineral Paint). It was a strong combination, and I doubted a little, but in the end it turned out really well.

Season's best berries in this display cabinet in Fusion Mineral Paint - Dala Muses
I even threw in some hops, another ‘fruit’ of this lovely end of Summer season.

Season's best berries in this display cabinet in Fusion Mineral Paint - Dala Muses
Rowanberries, and all the other berries that can be found where I live now, inspired me for one of my ‘Swedish Summer stencils’.  The berries form a wreath in that stencil, but I had never tried to make a real one! I needed some advice, but since I moved to the second floor of a flower and garden shop I have the expert really close to me!

Rowanberries wreath - Dala Muses


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  1. Laura
    Laura says:

    Good morning from Canada, I have several large trees with lots of berries this year on the West coast. How well do the berries dry? And do you hang it outdoors?
    Thanks and I enjoy your blog!

    • Goedele
      Goedele says:

      Hi Laura! I hung the wreath outdoors. The berries shrink, so you have to add new berries to the wreath after a week to give it some volume again!
      I’m happy to hear that you enjoy the blog :).


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